Stunning Images Showcased in Wild Mann Nature Photography Exhibition

‘Delicate Trap’, ‘Damp Damsel’ and ‘Tasty Morsel’ are just a few names of the spectacular images featured in Wild Mann Nature Photographer, the latest exhibition at the Manx Museum, opening on Saturday 27 April 2024. 

Captured by photography enthusiasts who entered Manx National Heritage’s Wild Mann Nature Photography Competition, the exhibition features over 50 inspiring photographs showcasing the Isle of Man's wildlife and natural environment. 

The competition attracted over 200 entries from photographers of all ages and experience levels. Entries were judged on their creativity, originality and technical excellence by a panel of photography, art and wildlife experts. 

Laura McCoy, Manx National Heritage Curator for Natural History said:

“What most impressed the panel was the beauty, behaviours and diverse range of species found in our island biosphere, captured perfectly on camera”. 

Paul Bromley’s stunning photograph of a Short-eared Owl triumphed as the overall winner.  Captioned, ‘I can see you!’, the outstanding photograph was captured on a late September evening at Castletown Golf Course when five Short-eared Owls flew in off the sea. Any concealment failed to fool them, with their piercing eyes following the photographer’s every move. 

Competition judge, Dr Jeremy Paul said: 

“To get a decent photo of a Short-eared Owl is hard enough, but to capture an image such as this is simply amazing. Totally perfect - the sort of image that most wildlife photographers can only dream about”.

Fellow judge, Sue Blythe said:

“As a fellow photographer I’d be over the moon to call this shot my own. The owl looking straight at you is just wonderful and a very well deserved winner”.

Tom Hannah’s image of Cotton Grass at Eary Cushlin, Ben Houghton’s image of a Tompot Blenny poking his head out of his hole and Paul Quellin’s Evening in Hare Meadow are amongst the stunning photographs featured in the exhibition.

Laura continued:

“Manx National Heritage extends thanks to both the judging panel and all those who entered the competition.  The resulting Wild Mann Nature Photographer exhibition reveals some of the Island’s most awe-inspiring sights whilst also encouraging visitors to pause, breathe, connect and marvel at the Isle of Man’s precious natural environment”. 

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The exhibition opens to coincide with the start of Manx Wildlife Week, a week-long celebration of the Isle of Man’s natural environment, which takes place at venues across the Isle of Man from 27 April to 5 May 2024.  The exhibition will remain on display at the Museum until Sunday 23 June 2024.  Admission to the Manx Museum is free, with donations welcome. 

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Overall Winner of the Wild Mann Nature Photographer Competition: ‘I can see you!’ by Paul Bromley. Taken with: Olympus OM1 300mm F4 pro 1.4tc.