We are a registered Charity (No.1027) committed to supporting the work of Manx National Heritage. We are a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having Share Capital (Company No. 122324C).  

As a member of FMNH, you can play a role in conserving the cultural heritage and natural environment of the Isle of Man for future generations to enjoy.

We provide funds for the purchase of important works or art and artefacts for the National collection, land and buildings of national interest for the Nation, and provide volunteers to assist MNH staff for projects.




Michael Crowe - Chairman

Viv Fayle - Vice-Chair

Harley Shimmin - Treasurer

Mary Bridson - Membership Secretary

Helen Leigh - Director

Alison Moore - Director

Ian Young - Director

Connie Lovel - Director

Officers of Friends of Manx National Heritage:

Nicola Pemberton - Development & Admin Officer, Secretary