Volunteers needed .... Can you help?


Being a member of the Friends is fun and you become part of a busy and vibrant organisation with over 6000 members.  We have a great range of opportunities with something for everyone. 

Our volunteer programme is very rewarding and plays a vital part in supporting our heritage.

We are really grateful to everyone who volunteers to help FMNH.  Your contribution greatly assists our work and without you we couldn't achieve all that we do.  We are always pleased to welcome new volunteers.


Gardening at Rushen Abbey, The Grove and Cregneash

We would love to hear from you if you can help. Philip is at Rushen Abbey on a Monday and The Grove on Friday. Karen is at Cregneash on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Contact Nicola if you would like to help Telephone 824137 Email Nicola@fmnh.im