Manx National Heritage Tribute to Murray Walker OBE

18 March 2021


Manx National Heritage is saddened to hear of the passing at the weekend of motorsport legend Murray Walker OBE.


The Isle of Man held a special place in Murray’s heart. As a small boy he visited many times with his father, who was a noted TT competitor. In the early 1960s Murray and his father formed a double act commentating on the TT races for the BBC and others, before he found worldwide fame as a Formula 1 exponent. The TT however was still Murray’s first love, and he returned many times as a fan, trying (usually unsuccessfully) to keep a low profile.


Edmund Southworth, Director of Manx National Heritage said:


“In 2009 Murray paid MNH a great honour by visiting our exhibition ‘Honda: The Golden Age’ at the Manx Museum. Before long he was besieged by fans and autograph hunters, so we reopened the museum that evening to allow him a private view, enjoying the exhibits without interruption. He was particularly taken by a Honda ridden by Mike Hailwood in a TT race that he had commentated on”.  


Murray may be gone, but his place in TT history is assured.