#CollectingCOVID Isle of Man

Manx National Heritage to record the Island's response to COVID-19

As the National Heritage agency for the Isle of Man, Manx National Heritage, will document and record this extraordinary period in our history by collecting images, first-hand experiences and objects to reflect Island life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Collecting COVID Isle of Man’ will enable Manx National Heritage to understand and document the human dimension of the COVID-19 tragedy and create a record of this extraordinary period to enable future generations to learn about and understand our pandemic experience.

Katie King, Community Outreach Officer for Manx National Heritage explains:

“Museums around the world are starting to look at how they document this extraordinary moment in time.  Some organisations are asking their audiences to share their thoughts, feelings and activities while stuck at home. Others are looking to collect official signage and objects such as face masks, or are documenting responses to the crisis on social media platforms and elsewhere online.

In order to fully represent life during the pandemic, Manx National Heritage would like to collect both physical and digital objects such as photographs, journals and first-hand accounts reflecting the impact of COVID-19 on the Manx people.

We are asking the community to share with us personal photographs and accounts which reflect their experiences of living through this extraordinary period and also to reflect how Island life has changed. For example photographs of queues outside shops, food delivery parcels from people in masks and gloves, innovative home schooling and children entertainment solutions, street art supporting our key workers, key workers in PPE keeping the Island safe - anything that helps to tell the story of life during the pandemic.

We would like to represent a broad range of people and experiences – from front line key workers, to those working quietly in the background, to those following the Stay Home-Stay Safe message.”

In addition to photographs and digital material, Manx National Heritage is also asking people to keep hold of physical objects that might reflect this period for potential donation to the collection at a future date.

If you would like to contribute to this record of our history for future generations please email your photographs and accounts to collect@mnh.im.

Find out more at www.manxnationalheritage.im.

Image Captions:

Image 1: Cronk y Berry School sends a message of support to key workers.

Image 2: Ramsey Promenade by Ciara Kilgallon: “When you have no garden, just a tiny yard, and you’re allowed out once a day. We did this chalk assault course. It stayed on the ground for days and adults posted on Facebook that they indulged in the hopscotch and bunny jumps.” Ciara

Image 3: Ciara Kilgallon Fighting Covid “The Changing Face of PPE