Sunday 7th July

Tour of the Round Mounds of the Isle of Man Project.

The Isle of Man is home to over 160 round mounds but very few have been excavated using techniques that have left a detailed and reliable record. Round mounds are earthen mounds built over human burial sites. They are found throughout the British Isles and in Continental Europe.   First appearing in the Neolithic Age around 3500 BC, their use continued in some form into the Bronze Age.   The current project led by Dr Rachel Crellin and Dr Chris Fowler, aims to investigate these sites and their associated burials. FMNH has been offered an exclusive site tour with one of the staff, who will also show us around the mounds and talk to us about the finds.

Meet at Kirk Michael School at 3.30pm, from there we will group people together to form a car pool to drive the 5mins to the site. From the car park it is a short but steep walk up to the site (it takes 10-15mins).